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Summary of the effects of the Fiscal Cliff – by Kristin Carter

State Government and Taxes

State Government Forms - Find tax forms for any state government
Missouri Department of Revenue - Helpful information for paying taxrs in Missouri
Missouri Department of Revenue - Withholding Tax Calculator
Missouri Division of Employment Security - A complete site for Missouri Unemployment tax issues.
Missouri Finance Network - A very useful link for locating tax credit programs and loan assistance packages to assist small businesses located in Missouri.
Missouri Secretary of State - An easy way to get forms and check on the status of a Missouri corporate charter.
MO Sales and Use Tax - A useful site to lookup the sales and use tax information.
MOST - Missouri's Section 529 plan for college savings.
Saving for College - Articles and information on various education savings options, including a brief summary of and links to each state's Section 529 plan.
Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credits - Tax credits for contributions to approved entities for certain Missouri taxpayers.
Youth Opportunity Tax Credits - Tax credits on contributions to approved entities for certain Missouri taxpayers.

Federal Government and Taxes

Internal Revenue Service - The IRS web site with many useful pages of information and tax forms.
Federal Directory - Links to various government web sites.
Social Security Administration - A helpful resource regarding Social Security issues.
Child Tax Credit - Information on available child tax credits.
IRS Audit Guides for Businesses - The IRS uses this Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP) to assist auditors in analyzing the business they audit.
Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight - the federal agency that tracks the gains in home prices across the country.


Bureau of Labor Statistics - Consumer Prices Indexes.
Chicago Board Options - Resources for investors interested in stock options.
Index Fund Advisors - Articles and other information related to index mutual funds.
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority - Comparitave information on the internal cost of various mutual funds.
The Motley Fool - Helpful information about investing in marketable securities and small businesses.
The Vanguard Group - One of the largest and lower-cost mutual fund families; emphasizes both active and passive (index) funds.
U.S. Savings Bonds Online - Information on U.S. Savings Bonds as well as an on-line purchase feature.


IRS Like-Kind Exchanges Under IRC Code 

NFP Seminar - Ten Things to Consider When Filing IRS Form 990 (PDF)

NFP Seminar - Sample Financial Statements

NFP Seminar - Protecting Organizational Assets (PDF)

NFP Seminar - Princeton Settles Money Battle

NFP Seminar - I'm Not an Accountant (PDF)

NFP Seminar - Guide to Fiscal Policies and Procedures

NFP Seminar - Common Fixed Asset Useful Lives

NFP Seminar - AICPA- Capitalization Policy Example

NFP Seminar - Accounting Manual Template

NFP Seminar - 2012 Report on Occupational Fraud and Abuse 

NFP Seminar - Quick Reference Guide

NFP Seminar - IRS Compliance Guide for 501(C)(3) Public Charities

NFP Seminar - Accepting Charitable Contributions

NFP Seminar - Sample Written Conflict of Interest Policy (see page 25)

NFP Seminar - Business Transactions with Interested Persons FAQ

NFP Seminar- GAAP Accounting for Restricted Donations

NFP Seminar- GAAP Accounting for Endowment Funds

NFP Seminar- Separation of Duties

Record Retention Guide- A guide to tell you how long should you hold onto important tax documents